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Hello everybody out there, I'm a huge Disney fan and loved all the movies, tv shows, etc, Disney has ever done. One personal favorite was 101 Dalmatians the series. I had shipped Lucky the main character of the series with Rebecca, a one shot character as a couple, though one day I was told of a story about another fan receiving an apparently haunted 101 dalmatians the series torrent, I of course didn't believe it thinking it was one of those Creepy Pasta stories. Anyhow I wanted to find a torrent of the series online so I can make screen manips of Rebecca and Lucky together in the other episodes. I was in luck when I found such a torrent. I downloaded it and extracted the episodes. I of course went to my favorite episode De Village Elder. But I saw another .txt file in the bunch. I opened it and saw a weird message.

“Do not watch Love em and Flea em after De Village Elder”

I scoffed, why would I want to watch an incest shipping episode of the series like that? It was no secret I hated Two-Tone cause of the incest shippers that sprung up due to that episode. Why couldn't they leave Two-Tone paired with Mooch? Or some other dog? I sighed recalling an event in 2010 when a huge flame war erupted on a forum. I decided to watch De Village Elder, though I did have an evil plan to dub Rebecca into Love em and Flea em just for my enjoyment and post the screens up on a site like deviant art. As the ep began as normal I watched but when the scene came when the pups and Spot the chicken went into De Vilville after Roger and Anita something was a bit off, Lucky was refusing to set paw into the village. I was confused, this wasn't how I remembered it, Lucky was supposed to go into the village and meet his perfect mate. What happened next chilled me as Lucky faced the camera and then shook his head. He then stared at the camera and then spoke.

“I'm not going in there, you can't force me.”

I almost jumped, that was definitely not in the episode, unless I've stumbled on an outtake reel or something. I watched on as the screen faded, I was confused before the next image came up, what I saw shocked me. It was a night scene in De Vilville which I never remembered in the episode. Part of the village was on fire and there were dead bodies everywhere. Judge Dimmsdale de Vil was also dead and stuck in the stocks he used in the episode to wring out his victims' gold, instead he was wringed out and I saw a puddle of blood underneath him. I was getting scared as this wasn't my favorite episode at all, some person must have edited the episode and put these horrible images. I next saw Rebecca, her collar was missing and she looked like she'd been through hell, she was nuzzling her parents though they were dead too. I was afraid for her and what might happen next, Rebecca looked up and got scared. The camera panned toward Lucky, his fur was bristled and his muzzle stained in blood. I was scared, he must have slaughtered the citizens of De Vilville and the Judge. Rebecca was crying and pleading for Lucky to spare her. I hoped he would and make her happy but instead he grabbed her. The screen flashed black before a realistic looking image of Rebecca flashed on screen covered in blood, the heart on her cheek was torn off as I could see the flesh under it, I freaked as the image faded away.

“You keep forcing me...........why do you keep forcing me?”

I saw the message in blood red, I couldn't believe Lucky would harm Rebecca. I remembered the message on the .txt, I sighed and clicked off DeVillage Elder and then loaded He Followed me home/Love em and Flea em. I groaned wondering what could happen next. He followed me home was normal as an ep, I braced myself to see Two-Tone and Cadpig in the opening scene of Love em and flea em but they never came. The sky was dark indicating night time, but from what I remember it was daytime in the beginning. I waited before the screen darkened, Lucky sat in the black void and glared at the camera.

“It's your fault I'm like this.”

I was shocked, I couldn't believe Lucky was accusing me! But I didn't do anything! All I did was ship him with his ideal mate and not that ugly reverse colored mutt! “I didn't do anything to you Lucky!” I yelled at the monitor “I never forced you to go with that mutt Two-Tone! I only shipped you with Rebecca! Why did you hurt your future wife?!” I yelled. Lucky on screen faded leaving a black screen. I froze, did he actually hear me? I wondered that before my messenger popped up, the user name was simply 'Lucky' I wondered if it was a joke or somebody from a forum I know of iming me for a roleplay? I had to answer it

“Hello?” I typed in

“Hello, I heard you. Rebecca isn't my wife. I never loved her and you forced me to mate with her...” Came the reply

I was floored, this couldn't be what I think it was.

“Look I dunno who you are but you can't freak me out, I'm gonna block you now” I replied

“You know me, you grew up watching me and my family on tv. And that won't help.” came the reply, I trembled before I blocked the messenger. My heart was pounding as I went to the forum to blog, it was also an Rp where I Rped as Rebecca and a friend of mine was Lucky and we shipped them with a storyline of Rebecca being pregnant. We also had a Two-Tone whom wanted to ship Lucky with Two-Tone but we didn't for obvious reasons. She had been off as of late and I wondered if this was her pranking me? Me and my friends discussed this but they dismissed it as a prank and they went and left the Two-Tone Rper a warning if she was pranking me she'd be punished. She of course denied it meanwhile I left the forum for the night and went to bed, I had a nightmare that night of Lucky coming after me, we were in DeVilville and it was like what I saw, when I woke up I went to blog this when I saw the Rp between me and my friend, another user with the username 'Lucky' had hacked into the RP and left a post detailing Lucky violently disemboweling Rebecca  and tearing the unborn pups out of her stomach. We were all repulsed and the head mod deleted the post and went to ban the account, the Two-Tone rper left me a frantic PM saying the guy who did this told her a chilling message

“Your not her, stop impersonating her! Let her rest in peace!”

I was chilled, I recalled the story and remembered the torrent having another video file. I loaded it and saw a blank screen, this went for a few minutes. What I saw next made me ill, it was a dalmatian pup mangled up from the head as if her skull was crushed, I saw the black fur and wavy pattern separating the white and black on her body. I knew who it was, it was Two-Tone! I wanted to vomit. I didn't like her but she didn't deserve this.

“you killed her!”

I saw the text next as if Lucky was accusing me just like the person in that story. I couldn't believe it. I shut the video off and tried to regain my composure, I went back to the Rp forum and logged into the chat box the owner placed there recently, I told everybody about this and how I was freaked out about it, the owner whom was there assured me she'd ban this guy whoever he was for trying to sabotage her Rp board. My friend whom Rped as Lucky suddenly entered and he told me and everybody that somebody pm'ed him and told him he was an imposter and warned him to stop or else he'd suffer. I froze knowing that had to have been Lucky, even the Lucktone shipper whom I befriended told me she was scared and didn't want to stay on a haunted board, I told her this was somebody's idea of a joke before 'Lucky' signed in on the chatbox. Everything was about to go to hell fast.

“I told you all to stop trying to manipulate my life..... One last chance” was all he posted, the owner now furious prepared to kick him out of the chat but not before she answered him.

“Look I don't know who you are but you got a lot of nerve trying to disrupt my rp forum, if your an obsessed nut over a different coupling then stop trying to force your ideas on us, now goodbye” the owner said as she kicked 'Lucky' out of the chat, we all thought this was it but we all were shocked when he responded.

“Who am I? I'm the one you've forced to mate with Rebecca, you took Two-Tone's life. You made me your puppet, I won't stand for it anymore!” was the reply, we all froze. The owner was sure she booted him and tried to boot him again. This time he was gone but not before we all got a nasty surprise

The Rp forum's background which was a pic of Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle was replaced by the mangled Two-Tone image, we all freaked out, the owner tried to remove it and eventually did so and restored the Disneyland pic, a few of the members were repulsed at the background, the two-tone rper we had got upset since she was a fan of Two-Tone's and to see that image made her upset and sick to her stomach, she quit the Rp forum to avoid seeing this ever again, I kept in touch with her on messenger while the owner tried to solve the problems on the board, we decided to have a group chat on messenger, big mistake.

As we chatted about what was going on, I told everybody about the torrent and what I saw when 'Lucky' suddenly appeared in the chat. We got scared realizing he was following us. The owner and Lucky's rper tried to talk sense into Lucky.

“Why are you doing this? Why are you trying to ruin our Rp?” the owner asked

“Yeah man, I rp Lucky on the forum and not you, stop trying to force ideas on us whoever you are.” the Lucky rper told 'Lucky'

“I told you all.......I AM NOT YOUR SLAVE!” was all 'Lucky' answered, I decided to boot this guy but when I did I found it wasn't the end, the owner suddenly posted a frantic post saying the Rp board was hacked again, I checked and this time the background was once again the mangled Two-tone image, this time the board colors were a red and black, all the topics were replaced with empty topics save for one.

The topic read simply “Leave me alone!” cursing my curiosity I opened it, the topic was empty till I scrolled down till I saw a sprite of Lucky like a .gif file with an angry glare on his face. I told the others in the group chat to see this but when I looked back I saw a sprite of the mangled Two-Tone with bloody tears in what remained of her eyes before I heard a piercing scream, I threw off my headphones and tried to calm my rapidly beating heart, I looked and both sprites were gone, everybody else posted seeing what I had seen. The owner was able to restore the forum back to normal but due to this ghost we were unable to continue with the Rp. We were all too afraid to.

Since that incident I've stopped shipping Lucky with Rebecca, I guess this was due to the trauma of what had happened, I know now that torrent is haunted by the vengeful spirit of the dalmatian pup we all loved as children, all because we couldn't all stop pairing him with everybody we wanted, he was right...

We were all forcing him to do what we wanted, we never once considered what he wanted, and what we took from him.
sequel to a creepypasta me and :iconriverdog624: did

Lucky, Two-Tone, and Rebecca (c) Disney
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